Afternoon film: Saattokeikka

Tue 19th Dec at 13.30

Saattokeikka is a warm-hearted comedy-drama starring Heikki Nousiainen and rapper Noah Kin, where the old, mean-spirited Veikko meets by happenstance the 17-year-old Kamal, who was born in Helsinki to immigrant parents. Veikko wants to spend his Midsummer at his cabin, while Kamal is looking to travel to Nairobi to meet his father. Veikko mistakes Kamal for an adult, offering to pay him well for driving him to his cabin. The two start their journey immediately. Kamal has the money and his passport for the trip to Nairobi. But first, he must drive Veikko to the cabin. Despite initial bumps along the way, Kamal and Veikko find a common tune, and begin finding surprising similarities in each other.

Finland, 2017
Director: Samuli Valkama
Script: Khadar Ahmed
Cinematography: Anssi Leino
Starring: Noah Kin, Heikki Nousiainen, Mikko Nousiainen, Saga Sarkola

Age limit: S
Duration 1 h 18 min
Free admission


  • Culture, 
  • Movie
  • Leppävaara