Children’s Saturday: Into parrakas vauva

Into parrakas vauva

Sat 24th Mar at 15

With the enthusiasm of a baby, awesome imagination and a yellow bear for a friend, everyday life is sure to turn into an adventure! Into, a bearded baby (Jouni Bäckström) finds Hunaja (Emmi Hatjasalo) for a friend from a forest. Together, these two friends carry out all their ideas with full speed ahead, whether it’s about creating pastry art or learning how to read. When all the trees in the yard and books on the shelves have been explored, the adventurers take off to the land of wild water beasts and explosive volcanos. And does the bearded baby want to become a circus star after all? This good-humoured musical theatre performance is suitable for young audiences, but its whacky humour also delights grown-ups.

Music: Anna Nora
Text: Pekka Vuori and Kaarina Helakisa
Director: Juulia Tapola
Visual design: Eija Mizohata
Lighting design: Helena Roivainen
Roles: Jouni Bäckström (baritone) and Emmi Hatjasalo (soprano)
Live music: Anna Nora (piano) and Markus Kaarto (clarinet)

Recommended for ages 4 and up.
Duration 35 min
Tickets from 10 € + delivery fee, Lippupiste. Family ticket starting at 32 € + delivery fee (for 4 persons)

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DISCOUNT!  Sellosali offers two tickets for the price of one to this performance. The sale is valid between 19 th  to 25 th  March. Tickets are on sale at Lippupiste sale points and webstore with the code ‘Sembalot’. A restricted amount of tickets is on offer.


  • Culture
Target group:
  • Children and families
  • Leppävaara