Laura Moisio 2018-03-01 19:00
The singer-songwriter Laura Moisio, who is to release her long-awaited third album in February, has quickly become a front-row Finnish songwriter.
Maria Ylipää & Ystävät 2018-02-28 19:00
Maria Ylipää, known as a versatile actor and singer with an amazing voice, joins her dream trio to bring to the audience a concert full of larger-than-life emotions.


  • is a modern-day troubadour duo by Aapo Niininen and Kimmo Numminen. Their programme comes directly from the mouths of the people: the forum.
  • Mopo’s long-awaited fourth album Mopocalypse is released in January. This album will rocket Mopo’s versatile music to a whole new level.
  • Marjo Leinonen is a veteran artist, who has taken her rightful place among legends. Mara Balls is a fresh musician, whose rock group is among the most interesting bands in the current music scene.
  • Janna
    2018-03-10 19:00
    Janna’s year 2018 begins with the release performances of her new album, which has already sold gold before its release. The show will be opened by Annukka, a new comer of Finnish electropop.
  • The roots of the double reeds, more commonly known as the oboe and the bassoon, are deep in the French soil, and these two instruments are at the heart of this concert.