From the Grammar of Dreams

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Wed 12th December 7 p.m.

Pia Freund soprano
Minna Tervamäki dancer, choreographer
Minna Pensola violin


Three distinguished artists meet in this multidisciplinary concert: soprano Pia Freund who is known for her interpretations of Saariaho’s vocal music, Minna Pensola who is a chamber musician and a member of Meta4, a Finnish string quartet with tremendous international success, and dancer étoile Minna Tervamäki.

The evening opens with Kaija Saariaho’s piece “From the Grammar of Dreams” whose texts are excerpts from the works of Sylvia Plath. Told in a bold voice, this is a story of life and death, escaping to and fighting against madness and self-destructiveness. At the end of the piece, the painful nightmare ends in daylight and life.

Saariaho’s other work, “Lonh” is about the everlasting themes of love, death, leaving and longing. Formally, the piece loosely follows a poetic form and is divided into nine sections. In the electronic part, the text is read in three languages: Occitan (Provençal), French and English.

The concert concludes with Gustav Holst’s “Four Songs for Voice and Violin” and Arvo Pärt’s “Es sang vor langen Jahren”.

“The concert pieces are powerful, both in terms of atmosphere and contents. They directly influenced my emotions, and the performances practically created themselves. It was very special to notice that Pia’s ideas and my ideas were often identical already before we shared them with each other.” – Minna Tervamäki

Tickets from 25 € + delivery fee (from 1 €), Lippupiste
Duration 2h, incl. intermission


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