Islaja + defunensemble


Wed 27 Mar at 19

What do you get if you combine one of the most unique Finnish singer-songwriters and the modern Finnish electroacoustic group defunensemble? A stage full of soulfulness and electricity to say the least! Islaja and defunensemble have arranged an interesting selection of Islaja’s music for defunensemble, and they will premiere a new piece composed by Islaja at her studio in Berlin. Its lyrics have been written by essayist Antti Nylén.

Islaja’s lyrics reflect her love for birds, while defunensemble’s passion for electroacoustic music is evident. The concert is part of the latter’s 10th anniversary repertoire.  Islaja, or Merja Kokkonen, is a composer, performer and visual artist born in Helsinki who now lives in Berlin. She has produced and performed music as Islaja for more than 14 years, exploring many formats such as traditional albums, installations, film scores and theatre. Islaja’s music exists at the intersection of pop, folk and sound art where different elements encounter, mix and merge to form unique auditory landscapes. Atmosphere is an important part of Islaja’s concerts, as improvisation is an important part of her identity. 

Founded in 2009, defunensemble quickly filled a previously empty niche in Finnish music with their professional and systematic performances of electroacoustic music. They import interesting electricity-based music from abroad, commissions and premieres new pieces actively and creates impressive experimental concerts that play with many musical genres. The group celebrates its 10-year existence in 2019. Sami Klemola has been defunensemble’s artistic director ever since it was formed.

Duration 1 h, no interval
Tickets EUR 20.50/16 + delivery fee (starting from EUR 1),


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