Teatteri Mukamas: Hiirulainen ja Suuri Seikkailu

Teatteri Mukamas 2 

Sat August 14th 2021 at 13:00 and 14.30

Theatre Mukamas: Hiirulainen ja Suuri seikkailu (‘Mouse and the Grand Adventure’)

Mouse is on a trip with friends. All of a sudden, a bike tyre goes flat and the journey comes to a halt. There begins Mouse’s Grand adventure. How will the friends solve the problem? Can they find a way to fix the tyre? And what will happen in the meantime?

A humorous play for the entire family that combines circus, dance and puppetry. Hiirulainen ja Suuri seikkailu is part of Theatre Mukamas’s popular series of tales about Mouse.

Written and directed by: Katarina Stycz
Choreography: Ringa Aflatuni
Music: Edward Stycz
Cast: Juuli Hyttinen, Raisa Kekarainen
Language: Finnish

Duration ca. 25 min

Free admission

The event is held at Soittoniekanaukio in front of Sello Hall. Subject to the prevailing weather conditions.


  • Theater, 
  • Culture
Target group:
  • Children and families
  • Leppävaara